Monday, 19 October 2015

Monday 19th October

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I had a great time Saturday night, but wow!!!   I forgot that drinking on a Saturday night leads to eating on a Sunday morning, afternoon, evening, night. I think I ate an entire weeks food in one day.

So today I am back watching the calories LOL!

4pp so far, and off to work in a bit. I am on a late shift today.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Hello! An open Letter!

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Well again it has been a month since I posted on this ere blog.

Life has taken a whole new turn for me and I am finally feeling a lot happier. So here is my open letter.

Dear All,

I am taking responsibility for my 2 gap years on life. (Maybe it was a mid life crisis).

I struggled with life, struggled with running a business,(a business I thought was my dream, I found out I am no good at being a business woman or running a business, for me apart from Karen it was my nightmare). I struggled with family relationships and friend communication.

I did not cope and spiralled out of control. I turned my back on friends, I had to walk away from my business.

I know some people do not understand, will not forgive me. To them I apologise.  I have lost friends who I know will not come back into my life if you were one of them I am sorry if you feel hurt by my actions, I never meant to hurt you, I was to busy hurting myself emotionally. Not everything was my fault but I do take responsibility for it.

I tried really hard with the help of two friends to show I was coping, having fun.

Even those two friends have been neglected these last few months. Sorry.

If I am honest I struggle with commitments not through illness now, but I have a husband who is far poorlier than I ever was. It has put things in perspective to me, between working and studying and making sure I am there for him, it leaves me little time for socializing. I love My husband, My Beautiful Daughters and my rather Funny Son-In-Law. I love my mum too even though she treats me like I am 12 years old still. My Family are top of my spend time with list - and I so want to see my friends too. xx

But a wise lady told me today, it's time to hold my head up high again, stop hiding away through fear of hurting/ facing those people again.

So after all that I draw a line under the past. I hope you all can too.

Funny now I am working as a Health Care Assistant, I work within Mental Health. It Fits me. I am happy in my work.

Tonight I intend to go out for a proper grown up night out, the first in over 8 months or more. I have a friend who is renewing her wedding vows. I am so looking forward to celebrating this happy event with her and her family and mutual friends. xx

Kind Regards

Tracy xxx

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Wednesday 16th September

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 Just a quick post today, the little image above shows how I felt last night, I went back outside running for the first time since APRIL???

I have been following C25K  and got to wk4 r1 on Monday, so of course in my head that gave me the guts I needed to join a few running club buddies last night to see if I could get back to a full run quicker.  When I contacted them they said 4 miles, Scared the crap out of me. But I went and when I got there a couple decided they were aching and not running and went to the pub for a drink we agreed to meet them back there after a quick run. Long story short, I managed a 2.66 mile run in 32 minutes but it had inclines!!! My Treadmill does not give me inclines LOL!! I was quite pleased with this and it has given me the push I needed to maybe go back to club tomorrow night.

Most of all I enjoyed running with a couple of old friends and realised How much I missed them and running outside xx

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