Friday, 24 October 2014

Friday 24th October

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Yesterday was a lovely day just spent doing housework and knitting, I did not end up going into town for the yarn, will save that for Sunday or Monday.

I am on a mission to get the Cardigan I am knitting done, whilst I know the recipient will love it, I am not enjoying knitting it, as its grey, fishermans rib and I cannot show pics on here as it is a Christmas Gift.

I knitted a whole side front yesterday, but was naughty and started my very first Lace knit shawl (slippery little sucker of a yarn, so may be a challenge).

Today sees a 6 hour shift to be done - so no knitting till tonight.
We have fish pie for tea as I made it up yesterday, all we have to do is knit heat it up, doh! Knitting on the brain.  Knitting up a fish pie! Guffaw! Hilarious!!

Not on track food wise and not exercising, saw a comment on Facebook this morning in our running club page, that really may have put the nail in the coffin for me returning to club. Will have to find out the full details before I decide, as one side of the story and all that.

I know my stress levels are up, as the dizzy spells are back - one day at a time mantra is in force though.

Happy Friday everyone xxxxx

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Thursday 23rd October

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Such a busy week, bosses are away and overtime needs to be done, in all honesty though it is killing me. I find it tough enough to get out to do my own shifts, let alone do more.

Then there is the fact that we are not as sure on the Post Office counter side of things as the boss is, and the 2 people supposedly left in charge are having a bit of a power frenzy moment - even though they are both nice girls, its not making a very good work environment at the moment.

But IT IS A DAY OFF today!!!! Whoop Whoop. I get to do just what I want.

Yesterday morning before work, I had to pop to mums to get rid of some bits in the fridge she left before going on holiday.  Caught up on FB with Elaine and Novas antics on there 5 day break. Then I popped into Fabric and Paper to see Karen & Jill, so glad the Christmas fete was a good one for them, and to hear John is recovering well. Also found out Jill is very much the mad cat lady now.

Then into town, paid a bill and deposited money into bank, then drool time as I went into Dingles and looked at all the yummy rowan yarn.  I have 3 projects to knit as Christmas Gifts before I start on Some knitting for me.

I want to knit this

MMMMMMM!! Thinking light caramel for the blue, with a darker brown accent, with shades of mustard yellow, moss green, cranberry and cream to make it more autumnal. I will use Rowan pure wool 4ply.  OOOH I want to start it NOW!

All the while my beef stew was cooking in the slow cooker.

Well that was yesterday, Today I may just go back and get the Rowan wool, as I plan a day of knitting and home relaxation.

I am not a hustle and bustle person in the cooler months, honestly not a hustle and bustle person any month really. I am content in my own company. I would love a cottage in a village out towards the moor, to hide away in with a coal fire. I would spend the days, pottering, baking, knitting and reading. Walking my dog for a couple of hours a day. A blissful life. Please Euromillions be nice LOL!!!!

Must go, there is gift knitting to be done so I can get it finished xx

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Wednesday 15th October

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Good morning

Ain't it grand to wake up to wet miserable weather. Everything looks so grey and dull.

I am a little tired today, bosses have gone on their holidays and it is leaving staff to cover lots of shifts, I started at 5.45 am yesterday and finished at 3pm. With 9 deliveries (including the main one for the week) in that time with different suppliers, to check in pay, book into computer system and put away. Cook the pasties, pies, sausage rolls for the day, open the shop, open the lottery terminal and post office counter, all the while serving customers the day literally flew by.

Came home had a bit of tea then out to get a free haircut from my friend Pauline, we sat and chatted for over an hour and it was lovely. She is one of my oldest non crafting / non exercising friends and I realised I have neglected our friendship in pursuit of other activities.  Maybe neglected is too strong a word, but I have come to realise that It was nice just to chat and sit with her, no rushing around so have agreed to meet up with her again soon. Hopefully in 2 weeks on a friday night either in either home or a pub.

I am also hoping to go catch up with Karen(owner of fabric & paper) at some point this week - wishing John a speedy recovery, and also Elaine and Nova this Friday. Then I hope to rejoin Kathy out running soon.

I tend to hide away from friends and family when I am not good, Its nothing personal to them, it is my coping mechanism. I don't mean to hurt peoples feelings by not seeing them as often as I should but these few people have all come into my life and have created good times for me and hopefully them. I feel we may not see one another as often as we should - everyone leads such busy lives nowadays, its such a shame we all have to work so hard, but I know if any of these people needed me I would be there for them and vice versa.

I love all my friends muchly xxx


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