Thursday, 15 January 2015

Knitting Podcast 3 - Time to get organised Show notes.

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Wednesday 14th January.

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Two weeks!! Two Weeks into January already. Can you believe it?

Well The first week was all calming down into the new year after the hub bub that is Christmas and the New Year. I always find that week a bit demotivating and slushy.

The second week is when I start to feel come on lets change the world, don't worry that soon goes.

But over the last couple of weeks, my knitting Mojo has really been playing nice. I started a podcast and for anyone interested you can see the second one here. I mistakenly deleted the first one. DOH!!!

I am amazed by the amount of people who have started to comment and watch. Its easier for me as I am just sat talking to a video and not having to cope with face to face, those that know what has been going on in my world the last year or so will totally get that.

So what have I been upto this week. in a word Work!  I am struggling with my shifts and after a member of staff returns from sick leave, my bosses are going to look into condensing my hours over less days. I know I have to work (bills etc.) but it is a constant battle to get out the door, but to be honest it is like that even if I have arranged to go out to town with the girls, food shopping anything. I HAVE to make myself do it. I enjoy it whilst I am doing it, then as soon as I get home I don't want to do it ever again and the whole circle thing begins again. I have been offered eight hours in a yarn shop, which I am going to take as that is a happy place for me. No teaching or classes just serving and enjoying. See trying to get back to me. So working more hours over less days. Means more pennies for treats and less days I have to work - get out, 4 days work and 3 days off together, I can chill and have pj days if I wish. Rather than 2in 1 out 3 in 1 out like now.

This week saw me bite the bullet again re eating correctly and exercising, the treadmill has been used and I returned to the gym for the first time last night. Elaine was there to guide me and make me focus on her, as the gym was way busier than we thought it would be (january, of course it would be. Silly Moo). I did have a wobble when I was struggling to do the sit ups, and my eyes filled up but I managed not to cry.  The I can's and negative image of myself still win out sometimes. I is going kick its butt in to touch one day I swear.

so thats me for now, Chat soon xx

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Saturday 3rd Jan

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I am so looking forward to a day off tomorrow

Yesterday I managed to do  week 2 day 1 of couch to 5k, I am taking running right back to basics and the healthy eating. I am undoing previous good work and being very negative - just sitting around. I also managed to stay within ww points yesterday too.

I also had to go to work last night instead of the afternoon due to staff sickness. Really did not like working as I work in the little village shop / post office in Tamerton Foliot. The Horrendous event on New years has left the village shocked.

I know nothing more than what is being reported, but the whole village seems to be in mourning.
 I hope all families find peace in their hearts over time.

A new shawl was cast on. Christmas cards taken away.
Not much else was done yesterday,
I hope you all had a good one.


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