Saturday, 22 November 2014

OOH Now that took me by surprise.

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I actually managed to do some papercraft.

Struggling at the moment with emotions and such. 

But just went into my craft room sat down and made this.

Just a quick post as working in a mo xxx

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Sunday 2nd November

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Well what a week, no time to post as been work work work.

Thankfully the bosses arrived home on Friday and I am back to normal hours soon.
Talking of the bosses, whilst they were away, it was there 5th wedding anniversary and male boss asked me to make a themed card to give, before they went.

I agreed before I had thought it through, as I get anxious even just sitting at my papercraft desk, but I gave it a go. Whilst its not overly impressive to me, he liked it. So heres a peek. sorry about the bad photo.

The cardigan I am knitting is still going, but nearly finished the second sleeve and then just the shawl collar to do.

The Lace Shawl is finished, needs blocking now so hopefully get onto that today, will try to take pics of that one to show, I am hoping it comes out bigger than it is at the moment. I know it was just a cover the shoulder one, but it does look smaller than I anticipated.

I Went to the doctors and I have been put back on my happy pills, and also some pills to settle my stomach as I am under attack from acid - so preventative to stop an ulcer. Also been given exercises to do to help with the vertigo.  LOL!! I have had a good week.

So today sees me food shopping, greeting relatives from portsnouth and settling them in mums house, all ready for aunt Vals send off tomorrow - so another final goodbye, but lots of memories will be shared.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Friday 24th October

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Yesterday was a lovely day just spent doing housework and knitting, I did not end up going into town for the yarn, will save that for Sunday or Monday.

I am on a mission to get the Cardigan I am knitting done, whilst I know the recipient will love it, I am not enjoying knitting it, as its grey, fishermans rib and I cannot show pics on here as it is a Christmas Gift.

I knitted a whole side front yesterday, but was naughty and started my very first Lace knit shawl (slippery little sucker of a yarn, so may be a challenge).

Today sees a 6 hour shift to be done - so no knitting till tonight.
We have fish pie for tea as I made it up yesterday, all we have to do is knit heat it up, doh! Knitting on the brain.  Knitting up a fish pie! Guffaw! Hilarious!!

Not on track food wise and not exercising, saw a comment on Facebook this morning in our running club page, that really may have put the nail in the coffin for me returning to club. Will have to find out the full details before I decide, as one side of the story and all that.

I know my stress levels are up, as the dizzy spells are back - one day at a time mantra is in force though.

Happy Friday everyone xxxxx


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